MUG Risk Transfer Programs

Maintenance Underwriters Group analyzes your current equipment maintenance strategies and offers flexible options that meet your current and future business needs.  By consolidating your vendor maintenance contracts into one comprehensive agreement, we can eliminate the high costs and inefficiencies associated with multiple vendor service contracts, resulting in:

  • Immediate Program savings of 15-25% on existing maintenance expenditures
  • Comprehensive equipment protection
  • Equipment Management Reports
  • Ongoing Program Savings Performance Reviews
  • Inventory Management and Service vendor performance analysis
  • Financial strength of global (A rated) insurance providers
  • Our Clients maintain complete control of service vendor selection and when equipment is to be serviced
  • Consolidation of multiple maintenance agreements into one agreement with a common anniversary date and flexible payment options

MUG Maintenance Management Services

Maintenance Underwriters Group provides a wide range of asset management and maintenance administration services:

  • Third Party Administration for Self Insured Clients
  • On Site Asset Inventories / Inventory Products & Technology
  • Maintenance Portfolio Analysis 
  • Warranty Management
  • Service Vendor Management
  • Comprehensive Asset Management Reporting